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The summer best men’s replica watches

Whether you are looking for warmer weather or a more robust device, you can take it to the beach or into the desert – there are many iconic and practical summer replica watches. For fashion-conscious men, the perfect outfit is, of course, the matching wristwatch for men. Here you will find our list of the men best replica watches.

For those who are looking for a new men’s replica watch, we have put together the best models from different categories. Even those who are looking for a great gift for a man can safely access these men’s watches.

The summer best men’s replica watches

This is a list of the best men’s fake watches in different categories. The men’s watches chosen by us are characterized by high quality and are of well-known and popular replica watch brands.

Rolex Submariner replica watch

A Rolex Submariner replica would always appear somewhere on this list. They are and always were the watch for every occasion.

The Submariner 116613LB replica watch shines with a sturdy stainless steel bracelet. This is very solid and high quality processed. The bracelet is polished and partly brushed – a real eye-catcher. We were particularly impressed by the butterfly clasp, which is almost invisible when worn. In this price range, you will rarely find such a clasp. We think the steel bracelet fits the watch very well, but the chronograph is also available with a leather strap.

Replica Yacht-Master watch


replica yacht master Wonderfully elegant men’s watches, with a clear and stylish dial for the noble occasion. The leather strap, in addition to the comfortable feel, also ensures the elegant look. These particularly slim men’s watches can not only be worn comfortably but also match any outfit.

The replica yacht master ref. 116655 is a restrained masterpiece and as an example of a watch that is perfect for long summer days, it is hard to beat.

Incidentally, for women, you will find here the best ladies’ replica watches.

Replica Watches

Replace perfect replica watch glass

Can you actually have your perfect replica watches glass replaced? Of course it can happen to anyone, you accidentally bumped your watch and your glass is broken, or it has fallen and there is therefore a big scratch on your glass. The bathroom in particular is a risk area for your watch, everything is of course rock hard there. If you knock or drop your watch there, you can count on the glass to be damaged.


If you want to have your watch repaired or the glass replaced, you can go to ReplicaMagic. In addition to replacing glass, you can also come to us for small repairs, and we can forward warranty cases to the relevant supplier for you. Unfortunately, glass is never covered by warranty, because damage to it is always caused by impact. If your watch can no longer be repaired or if the costs become too high for you, then you can of course always look for a new watch in our extensive webshop.


Fortunately, the glass of your watch can be replaced. For this, the crown and pin must first be removed. The pin must be disassembled from the timepiece because it protrudes through the case towards the crown. When everything is out of the case, you can remove the old glass from the watch and carefully check that no glass particles have to be removed that are left on the dial, or there may have been shards between the hands or in the date window. This may have caused damage to the timepiece or may start to do so.


If the dial and the window are clean, the old glass can be measured. The thickness and the diameter are of course important. A glass must of course fit exactly. What kind of glass is it? There are various types of watch glasses. Mineral glass is the most common watch glass, just like scratch-free sapphire glass that is often placed on a luxury watch.

Sapphire hard glass is also very tough, making it very suitable for the most sporting watches in their collections. All the old glue or sealant will have to be removed from the edge of the watch so that the new glass can fit seamlessly anywhere. The glass can be stuck in a gasket that clamps the glass, or the glass must be glued all the way around with a special transparent UV glue. Once this glue has been applied, the glass can be placed in the watch case, after which the watch must dry under a UV lamp so that the glue can cure. When the new glass is put back in the watch case, all parts can be mounted again.


Best Fake Rolex Watches | Fake Rolex Cellini For Sale

Swiss Fake Rolex Cellini Watches For Sale

It seems like absolutely everyone is loving the fake Rolex Submariners or the replica Yachtmasters, which I have no problem with; after I get a lot more mature and grow, I’ll possibly find yourself liking them, but for now, I think they are a bit around the heavier side for me in terms of weight along with the look of it.

The replica Cellini is additional appropriate, without having a doubt, considering the fact that it can also be a replica Rolex India replica Rolex forum replica Rolex automatic replica Rolex watches watch – it in all probability is really a replica watch, but nevertheless, for networking events, dinners, along with other formal events, it will be great. It’s not that also flashy either just wearing casually, I reckon. I initially decided on the gold-plated version but I study evaluations that it doesn’t appear too fantastic more than time and is harder to preserve? Now that I look at it, I’m glad I went using the stainless version as I am certainly loving the shine and pristine appear on it.

What’s intriguing?

Fake Cellini The minute track, which can be usually around the outside edge on the dial, right here bisects the indices, which some have argued looks a little fussy, even though we consider it adds an element of design interest to what could possibly be an extremely pedestrian dial. In addition, it includes water resistance to 50m due to the screw down crown and double bezel – even though we’re not sure how comfy you’d feel splashing about in this quantity.

Appear and feel

On the wrist, it looks just like the replica Rolex in box replica Rolex fast shipping replica Rolex Alibaba replica Rolex submariner you want you may have located inside your grandparent’s dressing table. There’s vintage really feel but, by taking everything back to its simplest form, you drop the replica watches capacity to date, which implies that it also manages to really feel fresh and contemporary as well.

Wear it

Replica Cellini That is unashamedly a replica Rolex in UK replica Rolex for sale replica Rolex automatic movement replica Rolex Daytona watch, so no jeans and trainers, please. You actually need to rise for the occasion here so classic evening wear, luxurious fabrics and whatever you might have within your wardrobe that is definitely impossibly chic would work effectively here. Believe classic Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn within a sophisticated little black dress and a lot of diamonds and you are going to be on the appropriate lines.

Luckily, we offer Best Fake Rolex Watches, Fake Rolex Cellini are made from pretty materials that you may not distinguish from the real. The difference between our fake watch and the original is that sports we use the Swiss campaign, which is also lively and exciting. Since our Imitation Watches is not waterproof, please take it out while bathing or swimming.


Best Replica watches | Fake Rolex Sky Dweller

Fake Rolex Sky Dweller Rolex

Replica watches a satisfactory purchasing, has often wanted to purchase a Fake Rolex Sky Dweller, the store also noticed the price is as well expensive, due to the fact the corporation recently had a vacation to strategy the entire loved ones to travel, but there’s nobody out of your watch will not be work, so intend to get a fake Rolex Yachtmaster 2 fake Rolex next to real fake Rolex GMT fake Rolex amazon watches, immediately after all replica watches are much cheaper.

As some already know, I lately purchased a Fake Rolex Sky Dweller and I just believed about sharing this with you by way of this tiny overview.


The very first Glance

Fake Rolex Sky Dweller The outsides of a watch are going to become the very first thing you notice. With fake Rolex yacht master 40 fake Rolex not working fake Rolex green fake Rolex eBay, it’s practically nothing significantly less than perfection, in the stack of your hands for the polish on the case. A fake watch (at the least not a superb a single) won’t have that degree of care and high quality in its construction. So appear closely and consult a trusted resource if you are not positive. In some cases, it is genuinely difficult to tell no matter whether a watch is fake Rolex youtube fake Rolex necklace fake Rolex Geneve fake Rolex submariner or not solely from the outside.

The Specifics

Subsequent up is a function verify. The Fake Rolex Sky Dweller features a couple of complications: the rotating bezel, the helium escape valve, plus the winding crown that’s so distinct to fake Rolex Yachtmaster rose gold fake Rolex not keeping time fake Rolex GMT master ii Pepsi fake Rolex Daytona. If you’re winding the watch and it does not really feel right, then you have possibly got a fake in your hands. Same using the bezel. With all the helium escape valve, ensure it’s an actual functional a part of the watch and not only a stamp-poor-quality fake will reduce corners.

The Insides

Movements are normally going to become the real giveaway using a fake watch. No one is really going to be able to make a precise copy of a Rolex movement towards the high quality and precision that fake Rolex Yachtmaster 2 UK fake Rolex no battery fake Rolex GMT master fake Rolex for kids does. Nobody. So producers of fake watches will either use other reputable movements alternatively or endeavor to copy it as most effective they’re able to. Even then, they don’t come anywhere close to close.

I’ve spent rather some time considering shopping for any watch. Not any watch, a mechanical watch, a Swiss fake Rolex yahoo answers real n fake Rolex green sticker fake Rolex Datejust watch. No matter if these watches are genuinely worth it? I do not know. Inside the lengthy run, it’s a luxury superior. We hope you may have enjoyed this review. Keep alert available and for anyone who is not expert enough to identify when the fake Rolex you will be buying is very best or not, ensure you acquire from a respected dealer.

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The Hottest Luxury Replica Watches of 2019

In the case of luxury watches, the extraordinary design combines a precise inner function with an attractive exterior. That’s why men will spend a fortune on these lustful symbols of status and power with a great deal of style. But true enthusiasts know the value of their intricate way of working, which makes these items desirable.

Elaborate mechanical structures that function under the face of every Rolex reflect the superior technology of these luxury watches and are a high quality product that deserves the high price.

The Oyster Perpetual Sky-Dweller is known for its second time zone display and remote dial. This newer version of the legendary Oyster Perpetual is ideal for the all-day traveler.

The sublime emerald face, alligator strap, and golden enclosure of this Rolex Day-Date 36 make you the only man on the road who will not turn green with envy.

Rolex Day-Date 36 in yellow gold with an alligator strap. It was the first watertight and self-winding chronometer that contained both date and time. The face is handsome and straightforward, making it one of Rolex’s most iconic offerings.

If you’re looking for a recommendation for a cheap Rolex watch, I can recommend a website The Rolex prices are not country dependent, as all Rolex authorized brand stores are kept at the same price, you can get slightly cloned Rolex.


Predictions for the Watches that Rolex replica could Launch in This year

Yes… It’s that point of the year once more. Baselworld the year is quickly approaching with new collections waiting within the wings. And as was common, The most anticipated new product of the year is going to be the new Rolex Replica watches.

suite watches to form our yearly predictions and acquire inventively. And here Forecast the watches that we expect Rolex Replica might probably launch at Baselworld the year. as an example, the Daytona Steel/Ceramic was a replica watches we tend to want for however didn’t extremely expect to examine essentially. identical goes for the GMT Master II Pepsi in steel, with an anniversary bracelet.

It looks that Rolex replica has adopted a less conservative approach with items just like the Sea-Dweller 126600 with its massive case. However, there square measure some things that stay steadfast, no matter happens at Rolex.

Replica Rolex Milgauss ref 126400 Predictions

Most of the professional/steel watches within the current Rolex assortment are redesigned recently. the Milgauss. this is often why we tend to believe that the most Rolex Baselworld the year new product might be a replacement, redesigned, re-thought Milgauss.

Baselworld 2019 – Replica Rolex Submariner 36

Gone square measure the times of the tiny, girly, diamond-paved dress watch. young women wear sports watches, dive watches and bigger watches too. it’s time for the Rolex replica to answer their expectations – that is why we’ve notional a replacement size for the Sub.

However, believe us, there’s a colossal demand for a smaller dive replica watches, and not simply from girls. Some markets would like to see Rolex introducing a 36mm dive Men’s Watch. The case also can use a small design thus it reflects the diameter associate degreed wear size rather than simply being an upscaled 36.



Fake Rolex GMT-Master II VS Submariner Replica Comparison

The Sub and the GMT II seem to be the ‘classic/starter’ sports Rolex replica watch for most and are extremely popular tool watches.

Replica Rolex Submariner and GMT Master II replica have always been Rolex hot-selling; Submariner’s popularity is one of the best even if it looks at the entire line of products.

I want to start discussing today and see why everyone picked the one they own now; and if they own both, which came first?

Also, if your first Rolex was something different, why? Did you pick up a Sub/GMT as well?

Just trying to begin friendly discussion!

  • Opinion one

As far as I am concerned: I went with the GMT Master II. I am a big swimmer but have never been a diver. I went back to the east (from the west coast) for undergrad and have always traveled a lot / enjoyed being in the air, so the GMT II with its time zone function and date was no fun for me. I lived in Tokyo for 4 months and am currently in London for a semester of law studies – the GMT function is wonderful.

  • Opinion two

I have always loved Sub, and hopefully I will have a day next to my GMT II (since I have not seen a “real” diver, my Seamaster Specter has the 12-hour ring and not the diving bezel).

Sub ND for me too. I like the symmetry of an ND (and I rarely need a date function on a watch) and the classic Sub look.

At one point I want a GMT, but because I do not need that function, it is not high on the priority list.

What Model To Buy For Your First fake Rolex


There are only a handful of wrist watches in the world that can compare with the Rolex Submariner. Thanks to its extraordinary design and its legendary reputation, the model has been hailed as one of the best wrist watches in history. Water resistant to 300 meters, the Submariner is the epitome of sporty elegance and is suitable and streamlined in every situation.

The robust oyster casing was made of solid stainless steel and was equipped with the newly developed Twinlock wrapper, whose double sealing system kept moisture even when the crown was not fully rewound.


The Rolex GMT-Master watch was originally designed in collaboration with Pan American Airways and issued by the airline to their crew on long-haul flights. An updated Rolex GMT Master II was released in 2005.

The most important feature of the watch was that the wearer could tell different times at the same time. With the GMT hand, the wearer can set the watch to GMT or another time zone for the main time display and then set the rotatable 24-hour scale panel to a second time zone. The name GMT is derived from Greenwich Mean Time. The new model also offered two different variations on the dial, including one with a matte finish without white gold indexes, which is considered very rare, and a glossy version with white gold indexes. Using technology from other designs, Rolex has added a larger triplock crown, originally seen on the watches of their divers. Rolex also used their patented Parachrom hairspring.

In our Perfect replica watches store, buyers will find their favorite replica Rolex at an affordable price, which will allow them to acquire really interesting watches, taking advantage of the online store PerfectReplica.


The History of Steampunk and Some Awesome Cheap Watches

What Is Steampunk?

What is Steampunk? That is a very good question my friends and you have certainly come to the right place to get the answer. Steampunk is a really awesome sub genre of science fiction and fantasy that is combined to create a really amazing style. It largely features machination of some sort or another technology from the 19 th century as an accent or even in the very performance of the item at hand.

Steampunk is becoming increasingly more prominent in the fashion industry and has made a big splash in the watch industry. It is an interesting and fun way to meld the old with the new ultimately creating something that is completely unique.

Best Steampunk Watches

We figured that we would go ahead and write up a review on some awesome Steampunk watches to give you an idea of what is out on the market right now. We have to admit that the selections available are pretty amazing looking and the prices are so beyond reasonable for the fine pieces of wearable artwork that you are actually receiving. Come along with us on a trip down the rabbit hole and check out some of these really awesome watches.

K & S Fashion Skeleton Steampunk Men’s Watch

The first selection on our review comes from the amazing Kronen & Sohn group and is part of the Royal Carving Series. This is an amazing timepiece that is expertly designed by renowned German watchmaker Ludwig van der Waals. This K & S watch features precision movement that is the latest breakthrough from Kronen & Sohne’s patented mechanical technology.

The piece itself is beyond amazing in appearance and totally unique. The fact that it is designed by Ludwig van der Waals is pretty evident since it features many key elements that are seen in his designs often and that have won him many awards for his creative designs in the past. This awesome blast from accessories past has a very interesting looking exhibition front and back that allows you to see the KM02B03 caliber automatic movement engine really working. Due to the automatic movement the watch does require 4-5 minutes of good shaking to get it to fully wind it. The high quality leather band makes this a very handsome accessory that is totally suitable for a man or woman.

AMPM24 Steampunk Transparent Men’s Skeleton watch

The AMPM24 men’s skeleton steampunk watch is another excellent choice if you are looking for a really unique piece that will be totally different from anything else out there right now. The design of this one is a total throwback to the old days of steam engines. It is loaded with details that are delicate, but the masculine appeal never wavers.

The skeleton dial design of this piece will certainly reveal your fashionable side since it is bursting with details. The dial features a silver and gold tone exhibition front and back with a stationary bezel that is engraved with handsome Roman numerals. The genuine black leather band puts the finishing touches on this awesome men’s accessory perfectly. This watch features automatic winding mechanical movement that lets you wear it anytime and the self-winding ability just requires a few minutes of shaking to get it going.

Yesurprise Steampunk

The Yesurprise watch is a really nice choice for ladies that are looking to spice up their outfits with a little Steampunk action. It has a lot of very unique accents that ride a fine line between being ultra-feminine with just the right touch of masculinity. It’s not only a really good looking watch it is also very affordable.

The Yesurprise has a wide brown leather that is nicely accented with bronze grommets on the bracelet portion. There is the really cool option to place the dials on different straps if another color choice suits your outfit better. The bronze dial has a slightly etched detail with Roman numerals that are bronze as well. There are really delicate and unique hour and minute hands that will expertly point in the direction of the correct hour. The quartz movement also you to be able to tell very accurately as well and can be trusted for years to come.

AMPM24 Vintage Steampunk Skeleton 9

Another great choice is AMPM24 is their vintage inspired steampunk skeleton watch. It too is loaded with details that make it stand out from ordinary timepieces. The self-winding mechanical movement definitely adds to its individuality as well.

There is a very handsome genuine leather with nice grommet details that really stand out. The brushed bronze case that sits front and center atop the leather strap features is super handsome and stately appearance. The dial is partially clear and allows you to see some of the neat inner workings of this piece. Surrounding the dial on a stationary bezel are Roman numeral hour indexes that will always tell you what time it is.

Steampunk pocket watches are also really popular in this new area of fashion. It was hard for us to pick just one to discuss with you today, so we made sure to make it the best one we could find. Take a look at this awesome pocket watch that we found on Amazon!

CredDeal Steampunk Pocket Watch

We wanted to touch on a little something different and veer off slightly from the wristwatch path that we have been on up until this point. Now we’d like to go ahead and talk about a Steampunk pocket watch that comes from CredDeal. This is a really attractive piece that is the perfect representation of what Steampunk is all about. To top it all off the CredDeal accessory is a very reasonable price and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

This pocket watch runs on mechanical movement and keeps perfect time. The antique metal case is in a half hunter style and has a very solid feel to it with a uniquely engraved design top cover. Within the cool case is a black dial and Roman numeral hour indexes that is safely behind an acrylic dial window. The front cover has a magnifying glass that will allow you to see through to the mechanical movement. The pocket watch is completed with a metal chain that is 14.5 inches and the perfect final touch.

Then these steampunk watches are a great way to showcase your unique style. They all have one thing in common, extraordinary artistry!
For this reason, they are more attractive to their processes and aesthetics than their functional role. For anyone who likes to emphasize the look and make a fashion statement, they are the best way to achieve this.

But even if they have artistic similarities, these gorgeous men’s and women’s steampunk watches have many different styles.

We have collected some of the best steampunk watches of all time to give you the opportunity to enjoy their beauty. Of course we also offer a replica watches.


BE CAREFUL! How to Tell a Fake Rolex From a Real One

“I am worried about Rolex my fake and shoddy products…” “Where should I find out if it is fake?”

As a Swiss luxury watch Rolex is synonymous with the brand. Whether it’s a timer or a wrist accessory, this Rolex can satisfy every expectation of a Swiss luxury watch.
Rolex watches are such luxury.
Everyone, knowing that your own Rolex is fake is shocking.
Some customers say “the warranty card is absolutely true,” but our evaluators evaluate a lot of ROLEX every day, and we don’t necessarily say that.
Depending on where you purchased it, the same is true for fake Rolex on a particular route.

Suitewatches is an appraiser and it is said that there are many fake Rolex in the world.
However, it is actually difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between counterfeiters, not evaluators.
Since the parts of the watch and the logo are very small, you know how to distinguish them naturally.
In addition, knowledge and materials about authenticity have not been released in large quantities from public brand sourcing stores and pawn shops.
Therefore, knowledge about how to distinguish and imitate information has not been widely disseminated.
I think this is one of the reasons.
So, unless we are evaluators like us, can we not distinguish between counterfeiters?
No, that’s not true.
Of course, we can’t distinguish between elaborate fakes.
However, if you have a certain understanding of authenticity, then you can easily distinguish imitations.
Today, I want to eliminate the concerns of Rolex users by showing their knowledge and how to distinguish them.
How to identify fake Rolex teaching
We will tell you.
Please prepare a Rolex watch and check it.

How many fake Rolex?

– Are you also bringing Rolex fakes on eBay?
Sometimes it is rarely brought in.
– Do customers know that they are fake?
Unfortunately, most customers have not noticed
– What is the difference between seeing the difference between true and false and counterfeiting?
The fundamental difference between the two is “whether a professional is making.”
Rolex is an elaborate “work”, and top clock craftsmen spend time and effort.
Not only the look and function but also by insisting on details such as feeling.
On the other hand, it is a craftsman who manufactures fakes in less than two streams.
Counterfeit craftsmen are trying to bring them closer to the real thing, but if you look at the details, you will find Allah.
The technology can’t keep up with it and make it obsolete.
Let us observe truth and falsehood in this view.

Rolex Explorer I fake

The first thing to verify is Explorer I. A very basic watch, called the three-pin on the black dial.
Classic classics can be used for formal and casual, Rolex introductions.
Rolex is the most popular.
Do you know which one is true and which one is fake?

No sharpness

First, look at the picture of the case. ( left is real right is fake)

Although one is true and the other is fake, I don’t know the difference.
I think it is doing very well…
But please pay attention to the crown mark.
The fake crown is large and the letters are slightly thicker.
Joint, breathing ears are also called parts, and it seems that only a little bit is thick and false.
In general, some fakes lack sharpness.

Balance between crown and “ROLEX” characters

Let us further expand the watch dial.

I think by comparing it it is a good understanding of the difference between crown and ROLEX character thickness.
Let’s expand it further.

how about it?
The fake is more vague and it is still unclear.
The real thing is drawn with sharp characters, very clear.
Using sharp lines without writing with fuzzy letters requires advanced techniques.
You can see professional craftsmen carefully crafting it.
On the other hand, fakes are made by artisans without technology.
Even if you try to draw in the same way, it will be unreliable because it does not involve technology.

Digital balance

Please see the “9” section of the dial.

Let’s expand it further.

The white portion of the figure is a light paint. (Even in the dark, the watch dial will light up)
If you look closely, this way of painting, the imitation is more complicated.
Please pay attention to the red circle.
The balance between the space between the paint and the silver is poor. It is biased to one side.
The real picture is drawn at beautiful intervals.

Amount of luminescent paint

This is a magnified symbol of the “△” on the dial of the watch.

In this “△”, a luminescent paint is used.
For fakes, the amount of luminescent paint is small. The way of painting is also miscellaneous and a bit fuzzy.
The real article is full of paint for the edges, but it is neatly painted.
As expected, this will be a professional process.

Glass surface crown reflection

Please pay attention to the part of the dial, this time is “6”.

I think you can see that the fonts are a bit different, but leave a little bit…

I think you can see that you can see the crown marks in the fake “6” part.
In the Rolex watch since 2000, the dial of the crown has been engraved on the glass of the dial.
The mark of this crown was originally marked with the naked eye, which is the first time by looking at the magnifying glass from the side.
However, this counterfeit reflects the crown mark without delay. I guess it is too little.

Breathing “crown sign” stamp.

Next, let’s pay attention to the support that is wrapped around the arm.
ROLEX engraves a symbolic crown on the bracket.
Do you know the difference between genuine and fake?

The real one is full, isn’t it? The shape of the lower ellipse is also different.
The real thing is the crown rough carved by professional craftsmen.
Counterfeit no raised bumps, engraving you want to flatten.
The technical differences are obvious.

Carved inside the belt

Let’s take a look inside the belt buckle.

On the letters of ROLEX, there is also a crown mark.

Imitation does not have a three-dimensional sense, I think you want to be dull.

Watch crown and crown edge

Next, let us also pay attention to the crown (part of the screw).
This is also different from imitation and real.

Please zoom in and pay attention to the jagged portion of the crown.

The shape of the tip is different. The imitation is slightly sharp.
If it is as sharp as a fake, it will put a burden on the fingertips and it will be difficult to roll it up.
Professional craftsmen insist on the comfort of the production, so the “cushion is not too sharp, easy to wind” crown function.
This is because there are differences between professionals and professionals in such a great place.

Explorer II is illegal

The next thing to verify is “Explorer II.” As the successor to “Explorer I”, the clock was announced in 1971.
It can withstand any harsh environment and is loved by adventurers all over the world.
The 24-hour display function (24-hour bezel) is a feature.
Do you know which one is true?

Explorer II is similar in design to ExplorerI.
However, it differs in that it is accompanied by “date display” “protection of the crown portion” and “24-hour display function (24-hour bezel)”.
In addition, the use of “904L stainless steel” uses very fragile materials even in space planes.

Unbalanced index

First, take a look at the photo dialed by the watch.

The round pockets placed on the dial instead of the numbers 1 through 12 are called indexes.
Please note the location of the index.
The actual balance is evenly distributed on the left and right sides of the scale and index.
In order to arrange the indicators in a balanced manner, only advanced technologies that Rolex artisans can do are necessary.
On the other hand, imitation is not balanced, so they are in the middle of scale.
Even though it looks like the whole, the position of the index is not uniform, just by observing that I feel uncomfortable.
If you are uncomfortable with ROLEX, you may suspect imitation.
This intuition is not appropriate.

Luminous paint highlights

Please check the dial carefully.
As you can see, in the dark, the hands and tips of the needles are coated with luminescent paint.

Let us expand the portion of the lacquer that is further painted and observe it.

The real thing is carefully painted with luminescent paint, and the black edges are clear.
However, the counterfeit has a paint protrusion and a thin edge.
Depending on the skill of the craftsman, the difference will arise.

The watermark of the crown is clearly visible

We enlarged the glass part of the dial this time.

Since around 2001, the Explorer II has a small crown watermark that has been dug up by laser.
This watermark is difficult to see with the naked eye and does not appear in the picture.
This is a level, you can finally peek at the magnifying glass from an angle and finally determine.
However, it is imitating it to be clearly displayed in the picture, just like this fake photo.

A total of 24 hours of red needles are very thick

Next, please pay attention to Explorer II, one of the functions of the red needle.
This red needle is a 24-hour clock showing 24 hours.

Let’s compare the real needle with the fake red needle.
Counterfeit goods are thicker than the real ones.
The needle is made by applying a red paint to the fine needle.
It takes a high level of skill to paint on the needle. (Even large overseas brands sometimes fail to paint properly)
Rolex artisans are beautiful and not too much.
On the other hand, because there is no technology, the craftsman has repainted many times, so the needle becomes thicker.
Careful observation, there are bubbles, and the paint is not applied to the base tightly.
This is the impression that “it draws!”

Printing is very good

Let’s take a look at the printed part of the dial.

Please compare the crown mark and the character “ROLEX” as a symbol of Rolex.
Although the real thing is drawn with sharp lines, the fake is because the ink is prominent and bleeding.
To paint beautifully without blurring the ink, you need the skills of first-class craftsmen.
Craftsmen without forgery have this technology.
Also compare the letters of “PERPETUAL”.
The real article is drawn in Mincho style, but the imitation is Gothic.
There is no fake “whiskers (pop-ups)” in the stop section seen in the Mincho-type body.
– Imitate how craftsmen write this role?
It seems that I pushed it, maybe it was handwritten one by one.
There are many counterfeit manufacturers, so you can see a variety of methods.
However, the idea that any counterfeit product is “made more complex than it really is” is common.

Not applicable to fonts

Next, look at the bezel around the dial.

Let’s zoom in on the numbers drawn on the bezel.

Please carefully compare the parts surrounded by the red circle.
The real digital series has deep curves and edges that are working.
On the other hand, for fakes, the curve of the letters is flat and cannot draw sharp lines.
There is no sharpness overall, which is a vague impression.
We also manually dig this role, so we need skilled skills.
If you don’t have enough skills, you can’t draw a line and it will get thicker.

The “chamfer” of the boundary line is not completed

Next, look at the edge of the bezel.

For real things, part of the edge is chamfered cleanly (thinned corners).
For counterfeits, there is almost no chamfering.
The real chamfer looks stereo and refined.
The real article has been carefully processed to the details.

Uneven connection between the case and the belt

Next, look at the bottom of the case.

Connect the parts of the case and the belt (the part surrounded by the red circle). Note the flash fit.
Looking at this photo, does the middle part of the fake flash look bigger?
Original parts are also rigorous and accurate in size.
On the other hand, the dimensions of the simulated parts are different.
Let’s expand it further.

The real one is flat and clever.
The joint between the housing and the belt portion is not uniform.
It’s just a little different, but this part suddenly appears, comfort and feel rude.

The parts themselves are different

This is a picture of the case and belt seam seen from the back.

Inside the joint between the case and the belt, there is a part called a very small spring rod.
When comparing the two, use spring bars of different shapes.
In this way, sometimes the parts of the fake are completely different from the real one.
Used as counterfeits are inexpensive spring bars that are widely used in commercial watches.
A part of the screw is exposed.
– If you repair ROLEX with a part other than the original part, will it be considered a fake?
If it is a difference in the spring bar, it will lower the purchase price, but we will not refuse to buy it.
Basically, please consider “if you don’t mess up the inside of the machine.”

Crown is not refined

Let us focus on the belt part.

In Explorer II, the belt section also has a crown seal.
Let’s expand it further.

Comparing the two, the shape of the crown is not refined, because you can see fakes.
There is no sense of three-dimensionality, it is as simple as “engraving” rather than “paste”.
The real thing has a firm violation and the goods drift.

Unsmooth contour

Next, let’s take a look at the buckle on the belt mounting section.

Within the buckle, the brand name is stamped.
We will expand further.

The real thing is smooth, beautifully carved and shiny.
On the other hand, the imprint of counterfeit goods leaves cracks and rough marks and has no luster at all.
The parts that are difficult to see from the table, such as the back of the buckle, are parts made by the fake craftsman, especially by pulling out the hand.
If you pay close attention to these behaviors, the public sometimes knows that they are fakes.

Crown is hard to end

Continue to adjust the watch, please pay attention to the crown (screw winding).

In the Explorer II, the shroud is attached to both sides of the re-shield to withstand harsh environments.

If a protective cover is installed, the crown is difficult to roll up.
So the real sawtooth is sharp and sharp, so the real thing is not difficult to end.
On the other hand, counterfeit products are too jagged and not too round.
It is difficult to wind the crown in this way.
ROLEX is easy to use and touch, stick to Tocoton.
If you lack such detailed considerations, you will find that it is fake.
– Even if a small difference is accumulated, this is a big difference.
Rolex watches not only have advanced technology, but also the pride of first-class craftsmen.
It may be difficult to identify the real thing and distinguish the real thing.
However, holding the watch, I think it is doubtful whether you think it is “a bit difficult to use” or “feeling uncomfortable”.

Fake Rolex Submariner

Next is the Rolex submariner.
What is a submarine? Even in Rolex’s lineup, it is also a model for divers, especially in terms of water resistance and durability.
The bezel with 60 minutes of engraving marks is made of ceramic. Excellent corrosion resistance with anti-reverse function.
You can adjust the length of the bracelet without using a tool, or you can wear it from the top of the wetsuit.
– What are the functions of Submariner?
Submariner is a diving watch.
This is a watch developed by Rolex for diving.
It can be worn when you enter the ocean, it is extremely waterproof and has durability that won’t be defeated by water pressure.
– This is a submariner, isn’t it?
The picture below shows the submarine crew actually brought to Daikokuya.
One is fake.
Do you know which one are you?

There is also an imitation from the needle to the kiri, and some imitations are difficult to distinguish from counterfeits that appear suspicious immediately.

The color of the numbers stands out

Please pay attention to the memory, numbers and borders around the surface of the watch.

Since the submarine is a diver’s watch, it has the function of measuring the dive time.
This feature is a total of 60 minutes (independent recording time) engraved on the bezel.
Please note the number “30” within 60 minutes.

Looking closely, the fake numbers are a bit slender. Looking at the number of zeros, I think this is easy to understand.

Please compare the lines of white letters.
The real thing is that there are numbers, and the white lines are beautiful.
However, fakes have no evidence that the numbers have been engraved and only the numbers are drawn.
Moreover, the white line is prominent and the whole character is blurred.
To draw lowercase letters requires advanced technology.
For fake craftsmen, there is no technology that makes it as beautiful as a Rolex craftsman.
If the balance of numbers and how to draw colors are so dirty, they are considered to be false.

No Beautiful shape

This circular engraving is one of the characteristics of a submarine.

How to apply luminescent paint is miscellaneous

Different fonts
Next, look at the character “ROLEX” drawn on the dial.

However, if you look closely at the “O” letter, the thickness is uniform both vertically and horizontally and does not become a Mincho type. It looks like a Gothic body.
We also have the better letter “PERPETUAL”.
The real thing is drawn with a Gothic body.
On the other hand, it is a fake type, and you can see a strange font in Mincho and Gothic.
Looking at the letter “P”, it is not clear whether it is Mincho or Gothic.
Therefore, if the font is ambiguous and more than one font is used, it is false.

The watermark of the crown is clearly displayed

Next, let’s zoom in on the lower half of the dial (about 6 o’clock position).

If you look closely, here is the watermark for the crown.
Even in a submarine, it is impossible to visually confirm the watermark of this crown.
When magnified with a magnifying glass, it will eventually become thinner.
For fakes, this crown’s watermark has become very unnatural.
Looking at the counterfeiter, don’t you think you put it in?
If the crown can be confirmed, we suspect it is false.
Finishing of small parts is miscellaneous
Refer to the attachment housing (body) and the belt’s accessories for the flash.

The real flash fit has a gentle curve.

No stainless steel luster
In the future, let’s take a look at the back of the flash.
Inside the joint between the housing and the belt is a helical member called a very small spring rod.
The flashing fit has small holes on the left and right sides of the back to see the spring strips.

Crown logo attached later

The real thing is engraved with stainless steel in the buckle part, forming a crown mark.
However, the forged crown mark is then attached to the buckle.
In addition, it seems to use bad stainless steel as a material, no gloss, and a cheap impression.

Tearing off the invisible part
This is the back of the belt buckle.

It is not treated by the eraser
This is part of the invisible part of the buckle.

Jagged crown and logo engraving
Next time, please pay attention to adjusting the clock screw, crown.
Rolex’s crown mark is also engraved on the crown.

Screw damage design
Let us look at the belt from the side this time.
Please pay attention to the parts that are tightened.

Jagged width on the back of the watch
Finally, look at the back of the watch case.
The edge of the case is engraved with a small “serrated” shape.

Distinguish between true and false except appearance
– In addition to the appearance, is there a difference between genuine and fake?
Yes. If you check the following points, you can see the difference.


However, the real ROLEX knows that professional skills will be refined into details.
There are many experienced buyers who are familiar with ROLEX.
We will firmly evaluate whether it is genuine or fake, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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